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Moving Home can be a stressful time, selling your current property, finding a new one, waiting for the “chain” to be ready, keeping everyone happy…

The mortgage is a small part of the whole process but such an important one! Should you stay with your existing lender? Will someone else give you a better deal? How much can you borrow? How much should you allow for all the fees and costs?

There are so many questions and this is exactly where we can help you. Come and see us as you put your house on the market or before if you can! Then we can work out your exact budget, allowing enough for all the fees and costs. We can also point you in the right direction for estate agents and solicitors.

Once we have submitted the application for you, our admin team will liaise with your estate agents and solicitors and try and maintain contact up and down your chain to give you the best chance of keeping everything together!


How much does it cost to move?

This mostly depends on the value of the properties you are buying and selling. The more expensive the property, the more the fees will be. Stamp Duty, estate agent fees and Solicitor fees will all increase as the value of the property does. We will work out a safe budget with you for all of the fees once we know how much you are buying and selling for.

Should I use an online agent or traditional?

This is quite a debate and probably not one to get in to here! We work with lots of different agents in different places. The most important thing to do is go with whoever you get a good feeling from. The agent that gives the highest value isn’t always the best, be realistic about the price and make sure it is based on other similar properties that have sold nearby.

How does the process work when selling and buying together?

First things first, get your house valued and then work out your budget with us! Then if it all looks affordable put your house on the market, you need a buyer to be able to make offers on other houses. Once everyone’s offers are accepted we will instruct a solicitor to act on your sale and purchase, submit the mortgage application. Everyone in the chain will be working to the same outcome and date. When you are all ready you will all “exchange contracts” and then complete all on the same day. In reality this process can take weeks to get through but we will be here every step of the way!

What if I find a house but haven’t sold mine?

You can look at as many houses as you like but remember, it is hugely unlikely any offer you make will be accepted until you have accepted an offer for your current property. This makes you “proceedable” and ready to make offers for your new house. Choose a good estate agent that is pro-active to get you a buyer as quick as possible, and if you are in a hurry, be realistic with your price!

Can I keep my house and buy another one?

If you have enough equity or enough in of savings we can look at the option of keeping your house to rent out and buy another to live in. This is known as “let to buy”. It’s a really great idea if you can make it work as it allows you to keep an investment property as well as move house.


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