Mortgage Protection

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Did you know Vantage Mortgages offer mortgage protection?

Our customers are central to everything we do.

For this reason, Mortgage Protection is so important to us that we make sure everyone we help secure a mortgage is protected for the future, just in case anything goes wrong.

We want to make sure that once you are in your dream home you only have to leave it if you choose to!

Protecting your mortgage and family will mean that no matter what you have to worry about in life, money won’t be on the list.

We will take you through all of your options and design a solution that best fits you and your individual circumstances, whether that is a lump sum if you die or are seriously ill or a monthly income if you are unable to work.

We work with a panel of some of the best providers in the UK so are able to offer you a huge choice of products and solutions whatever your priorities.


Do I have to take life cover if I am taking a mortgage?

Oddly no, although we think you should really protect for as much as you can within your budget you are not obliged to.

How much will it cost me to protect my mortgage?

This depends on a few factors such as your age, your medical history, what you want to cover and how long for! Don’t worry though, we will work out a budget with you and design a solution that covers as many of your priorities as possible within the amount you know you can afford

When do policies payout?

This depends on the policy. The most common types will pay out a lump sum on death or diagnosis of a serious illness as well as a monthly payout which we would match to your sick pay

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